Learn to build & code your own interactive robot using your smartphone or tablet

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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a robot and learn the basics of programming, logic, and robot building in a fun and interactive way.

Learn to Code

Using our simple Blockly-based programming language, your Robot can be programmed to interact however you want with the world! Control individual motors for movement, utilize sensors to see objects, and change its face to interact with the world. Be creative!

Learn Robotics

Our robot kit introduces the fundamentals of robotics. Learn how to create a circuit that connects the brain of the robot to the rest of the body, integrate motors to drive actuation, add sensors for control, and discover how batteries power your robot.

Open & Compatible

Your robot is completely customizable, so that you can build your own robot body. We support connection to the most popular hardware platforms: Lego Mindstorms NXT/EV3, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

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